Getting Involved

BUSS would like to ensure that incoming students are able to have all their questions answered, and to get some tips and guidance while they navigate their first year. Run by the VP Administration & Engagement, the BUSS Buddy Program, our mentorship program, pairs up incoming students with current bioengineering students so that they have a friend going in that can help them through the process!

Email for more information about signing up as a Mentee or Mentor.

BUSS Council

The Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Society (BUSS) is a student organization which serves to represent all undergraduate students in the Department of Bioengineering at McGill University. BUSS is dedicated to providing academic and social opportunities to inspire, entertain, and guide its members through their undergraduate degree. All BUSS Council positions are elected in the Winter Semester, excluding the U0 and U1 Representatives, which are selected by the Selection Committee in September.

Academic Committee

Chaired by the Vice-President Academic, the Academic Committee consists of students from all years that work to bridge the gap between students and the department. Their main goal is to communicate with bioengineering professors and administration, giving them feedback and suggestions for courses, as well as help resolve any academic issues students may have with courses. The Academic Committee also works to promote the research occurring within bioengineering labs. They will often host various workshops and seminars that help expose students to the great work being done in academia and industry!

First-Year Council

Chaired by the Vice-President Administration & Engagement, the First-Year Council (FYC) is a group of U0 and U1 students that work together to host events and create initiatives specifically for first-years. FYC often hosts two events per semester and works together to create a strong and welcoming community for newly admitted students! This is a great way for first-year students to become involved.

McGill BioDesign is an Engineering Undergraduate Society design team whose goal is to address real world issues by finding solutions at the intersection of engineering, biology, and business. We work on biotechnology projects to present at competitions and give research experience to students, provide a community for like-minded students from a range of backgrounds, and offer networking and professional development opportunities through workshops and tutorials.