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BUSS Banquet

Before the end of each semester, bioengineering students dress up in their finest attire and get together to eat and drink. It's a way of celebrating the end of the semester and realizing that we are almost done. Afterwards, students have the option of joining other departments at an EUS wide afterparty.

Lab Tours

A collection of videos showcasing our department's research labs!

Find them here.


A multi-day trip to another city to explore a biotech center outside of Montreal. Includes industry tours, lab tours, visits with bioengineering students from other schools, and lots of bonding with the department!


E-week is an EUS wide event that takes place the first week of the winter semester. It is sort of like a winter frosh for engineers. All engineering departments are at war with each other and participate in fun events and challenges. In the end, only one department wins. Will this be BUSS' year?


The Canadian Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Conference (CUBEC) was founded by BUSS in 2020, and it is the first large-scale event dedicated to connecting undergraduate biomedical engineering students across Canada. The biomedical engineering discipline in itself is a relatively new field that is full of exciting opportunities and boasts a large variety of career options in academia and industry.

Students in biomedical engineering have a plethora of potential career paths to follow post-graduation. Yet, many students feel that they lack knowledge about what these opportunities may be and how one could become involved. CUBEC aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for various academic research groups, industry leaders, and start-up companies to highlight what they do such that these students are provided with the necessary knowledge about potential career paths.