Our Council


Julianna Raabel

As President, my role is to ensure that BUSS operates smoothly with no conflicts or issues. I act as a liaison between the students and the department to voice any complaints and ensure that students have the best academic year possible, whether it be academically, socially, or professionally.


VP Internal

Claire Levasseur

As VP Internal, I am responsible for planning social events throughout the year, including fall and winter banquets, BUSS Blues pubs, apartment crawls, the U1 sorting hat event, EUS Internals events, and others.


VP External

Berine Wehbeh

As VP External, I organize events with the bioengineering community outside McGill, including industry tours, lab visits, alumni relations, and networking.


VP Finance

Josh Negenman

As VP Finance, I keep track of the budget, payments, and funding applications. Basically, sit in the corner with some spreadsheets and tell people not to spend money.


VP Academic

Olivia Ouellet

My role as VP Academic is to work with students and professors to promote academic engagement, voice, and resolve academic concerns, and develop helpful resources for courses.


VP Communications

Sophie Allard

As VP Comms, I am responsible for all communications between BUSS and the bioengineering student body, as well as managing BUSS' social media, our website, and our weekly newsletter.


VP Administration & Engagement

Mika Chang

As VP AE, I am responsible for managing the departmental merch orders each semester, organizing the Bioeng teams for EUS Sports, and overseeing the activities of First-Year Council.


VP Sponsorship

Rus Trana

I work with external organizations to secure funding and products for BUSS.


Mental Health Coord

Ingi El Shahid

As Mental Health Coord, I promote mental health in the bioengineering community through events, initiatives, and the distribution of resources.


Equity and Sustainability Coord

Leticia Le Goff

Spread awareness for social issues, celebrate days of awareness, encourage and motivate students, promote program and its inclusiveness, making sure events are as sustainable as possible and inclusive to all


Equity and Sustainability Coord

Liam Sterne

Promote equity and sustainability both within council and to the greater bioengineering community. Ensure that all events are as accessible and sustainable as possible and create an inclusive bioeng community


Year Representatives

U0 Rep

Ethan Levene

I represent the interests of U0 Bioengineering students at EUS Junior Council and BUSS meetings. I organize events for U0s in bioengineering through BUSS and help organize events for all First-Years in engineering through JC!


U1 Rep

Catriona Kirk

I organize fun events for all U1 Bioengineering students and advocate for their needs, concerns, and requests.


U2 Rep

Emma Geoffroy

I am in charge of organizing events for the U2 class and ensuring that all concerns and suggestions are heard.


U3 Rep

Graeme McDougall

I represent the U3 students on the council by defending their interests and discussing their issues.


U4 Rep

Marc Amin

I plan social, professional, and academic events for the U4s in Bioengineering program! I also present any questions, comments, or concerns from the U4s in Bioengineering to the department and faculty.