Our Council


Lena Kozarov

As President, my role on council is to run the weekly BUSS meetings, represent the bioengineering student body to the bioengineering department, and help out all executives with their initiatives & events!


VP Internal

Peter Chimenti

As VP Internal, I create and plan events for all BUSS students. I also work with other departments to help plan EUS events.


VP External

Beth Cushnie

As VP External, I plan networking events and industry tours, maintain connections with companies and alumni. I also lead the external committee.


VP Finance

Neal Fahey

My role as VP Finance is to keep track of budgets, payments and funding applications. Basically keep an eye on the money.


VP Academic

Jake Pringle

My role ensures students are kept engaged in the academics of the Department. I serve as the intermediate between student’s voices and professors on the subject of course academics.


VP Communications

Efe Grant-Oyeye

I act as the liaison between BUSS and bioengineering students. I am responsible for sending out our weekly newsletter, the BUSS Bulletin, promoting our events, graphic design, and all our social media.


VP Administration & Engagement

Micheal Parsons

I’m in charge of Merch, First-Year Council, BUSS Buddy Program, and helping out all the other execs.


Equity & Mental Health Representative

Grace Reszetnik

I promote Equity and Mental Health through events, initiatives, and the distribution of resources


U0 Rep

Claire Levasseur

I represent the interests and concerns of U0 students at BUSS and EUS, and support the executives in the planning of all events.


U1 Rep

Serena Kim

I am the gatherer of all the U1’s (including the new and the returned)


U2 Rep

Nassib Hassouna

I advocate for the needs, concerns, and requests of U2 Bioengineers and host fun events


U3 Rep

Jeremy Rau

I advocate for the needs, concerns, and requests of U3 Bioengineers and host fun events.


U4 Rep

Jordan Legendre

I host events for our U4s and advocate for our needs, concerns, and requests.